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Evolution of Personal Chefs

TipTopChef is the best way to book a chef online and learn how to cook from home. Our chefs can be anyone who feel their dish is worthy of teaching to someone else.

Learning to Cook

We believe that cooking is at the core of living a healthy life for you and your family. TipTopChef is built for people who want to learn new healthy dishes from their home.

Summer of 2017

TipTopChef launched the summer of 2017 in Vancouver, Canada. We are currently raising our first round of funding with local partners and investors.


We started TipTopChef so that everyone can learn how to cook heathy food from home and while doing so promote a healthier lifestyle.

We love food, cooking and living healthy lives. In recent years Youtube has exploded by 200% increase of foodies looking for new online recipes and cooking tips. Most people can cook a dish or two but coming up with new ones has many challenges. Our solution was to take the restaurant quality dishes straight to your home with TipTopChef’s personal chef platform.

TipTopChef introduce cooking classes in Vancouver

Our Mission

Our mission at TipTopChef is to help people learn how to cook new dishes, live a healthy life and make sure your family gets the nutrition they need from home made meals. Cooking is great way to bring the family and friends together. Even better when the meals are delicious!

In this busy modern age cooking new dishes and finding all the ingredients can be time consuming. It’s hard to plan ahead and we generally end up resorting to our usual repertoire day in day out. Like going to the gym it’s especially hard to motivate one self to go at it alone.

That’s where we come in ?. We are passionate about bringing local personal chefs and cooks straight to your kitchen with exciting dishes. TipTopChef connects you with cooks who will come to you with all the ingredients and teach you a new dish from your own kitchen.

Founding Story

In the summer of 2017, founder Anton Ygartua decided to start TipTopChef. His focus is on bringing family and friends together around the dinning table. With the help of local cooks, chefs and ingredients we are revolutionizing the way people access the personal chef industry.

Anton has a history of working with multiple startups in the tech sector and is passionate about building a company that at its core would bring people together to learn, cook and promote a healthier lifestyle.

With we want to highlight local ingredients, local chefs and culinary students who can use their skills to earn a little extra each month.

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