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What is a verified chef?

We provide our members and chefs various ways to confirm their identity using their profile section. Below we show a few ways you can get a verified stamp on your dishes and menu listings.

To get verified follow these steps: 

  1. Add your mobile phone number to your profile
  2. You will receive a txt message within 24h
  3. Enter the code sent to you in your Profile under “Code sent to you”
Fanny Bay Oysters - Local Vancouver eatery

What is a Verified Chef on TipTopChef?

These are members who have one or two verification measures we have at TipTopChef.

Are all Chefs on TipTopChef currently insured?
We are working on a solution to provide all our Chefs with insurance however currently in Canada this is not a requirement. We ask our chefs to ensure they have a basic liability insurance and check with their local providers.

Does my home insurance cover me? 

Yes if you have your own home insurance you will be covered if anything should happen while cooking.

Do you have any requirements from the Chefs to submit a dish?
All our chefs must be 18+ years of age or older. Keep in mind that some of our chefs are attending culinary schools and could be the best dishes you’ve ever cooked!

Can I contact the chef before they come to my home?
Yes, all of our Chefs can be contacted through our platform. We encourage both chefs and clients to actively engage and communicate using our messaging system. You will be notified via email when a reply has been received.

To start a conversion simply go to My Inbox once you have inquired about a booking or click on Contact Chef from the listing page.

Are your chefs only in Vancouver?
Yes. Our Chefs are currently only in and around the city of Vancouver. We will soon be launching in Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal. Please sign up for your account now to receive our newsletters.

We believe it’s always important to think of safety first. Just for the unknown time when things don’t go right. For this very reason we ask all our chefs to inquire with their local insurance company for personal liability insurance.

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